User Segmentation & Experience Management In Unboxd Live

Unboxd Live

Unboxd Live allows you to segment users based on personal details (name, screenname etc) , Orgnaisational Details (organisation name, hierarcy), Session details (Broswer, Referrer URL, Cookie) etc. and allows you to create different versions of the same page for different segments.

In this video we create a new segment for the members of Unboxd TechLabs in Unboxd Live and have created a new version of the site Unboxd TechLabs ( and tested it with different logins. For one logged in user who is a Unboxd TechLabs Member the experience designed specifically for him gets served. While for the others (non Unboxd TechLabs members) the normal version gets served.

Now put it in context of e commerce.. Can you display highly contextual n relevant products/solutions offers to your customers using it?

A person from Delhi will not get offers from Mumbai OYO hotels with this kind of segmentation, Which currently happen in abundance with Google Ads. Sign up at to publish your offers, coupons, discounts to save money on Google Ads. while providing your user “EXPERIENCES”.

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