Unboxd Live vs Amazon India

Unboxd live is the only Platform in the world which allows you to insert your own custom HTML code in its web pages.. which means that you can enter the code required to optimise the pages for Google Search in your @unboxd live pages… it only takes a minute to do so… anyone can insert the code by generating it from this link https://technicalseo.com/tools/schema-markup-generator/ there are many other sites like this too which help you generate the SEO code. and put it in a web content in Unboxd Live… thats all

But businesses do not need to do all this… this is just to communicate the benefit.. (it is a one time work and gives you lifelong benefit. )

I along with my web designing team will be able to do this for any business should they want to create their business profile in Unboxd Live.. Its a strcitly business only platform.. like Amazon India. But difference is amazon is only for retails.

Unboxd Live is for all businesses.
Amazon does not let you design your own web pages on your own terms, Unboxd live does.
Amazon does not optimise your pages for fully for Search & Social Sharing , Unboxd Live does
Amazon does not have social features, Unboxd Live has
Amazon does not have product feed, Unboxd Live has
Amazon does not let you earn thru Ads, Unboxd Live does
Amazon does not let you publish blogs, Unboxd Live does
Amazon does not let you collect payments on your own terms, Unboxd Live does
Amazon does not let you sell offline , Unboxd Live does

Hence Unboxd Live >>>>>>> Amazon…

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