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Introducing Unboxd Digital Experience Ecosystem

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Introducing Unboxd Digital Experience Ecosystem

Web Analytics, Marketing Automation, Interaction Over Social Media & Your Customer Facing Portals (like customer care, forum , documentation site) these 4 combined provide the experience to the consumers

Now, There is not a single company in the entire world which has product catering to all these needs…
Google Gives you analytics & ads, No websites or social media integration.

Facebook juts analytics ads and one social media i.e. itself

Amazon only e commerce

Forbes & MSN are just click bait articles , No substance..

None of these come even close to the solutions Unboxd is providing.. It gives you analytics to get complete insights about visitors interaction with your site’s content, It gives Mautic to build your marketing strategy on those insights, It gives you the most advanced & flexible content & digital asset management system to build all the customer facing portals with just one page… Blogs, Forums, Calendars, Knowledge Bases , Wiki . every company has 5 sub domains for these 5 things… Unboxd gives you all at one place…

Think how easily you can manage content and provide unified experience… And all these with complete transparency… I have even shared the admin console screenshots openly on Facebook. Which company does that….

There is not a single company like Unboxd… There will not be any company like Unboxd… And no-one can help you sell better and sell more than Unboxd… India has got the Advantage here and you guys are lucky ones to be first in the entire world to know about Unboxd… And Unboxd is infinitely scalable… Global Expansion will not need any changes… It already offers multilingual options… Deep audience segmentation features to serve ads…And I have an Ad Server of My own too… That needs to be tested thoroughly but i will iron out the bugs soon… And yes, the e commerce & Marketplace & affiliate network parts… Unboxd will build the biggest affiliate marketing network in the entire world… I need your help in that… You also will gain a lot… Unboxd will become the most comprehensive publishing platform in the world… Every type of content can be published in Unboxd.

And Unboxd will have the most open global marketplace…

How will anyone beat Unboxd when everything is open? You can not steal anything from me because I have kept everything open… There is nothing hidden… One server crashes? I have the same content over 5 platforms… Unmute, Discourse, Blog, OneBx , NBXONE … Everything is downloadable into txt file & JSON, XML & XLS… Moving data is not DevOps’ work with Unboxd… Its just download the sheet & upload the sheet…

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