How Unboxd Live Solves The Product Discovery Problem

Unboxd Live makes your products more visible through its features & the structure of Information Management. Lets cover it one by one.

Feature 1: Full Text & File Search : In text retrieval, full-text search refers to techniques for searching a single computer-stored document or a collection in a full-text database. Full-text search is distinguished from searches based on metadata or on parts of the original texts represented in databases.

Search In Unboxd Live

Feature2: Auto Image Annotation:

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When you upload a image, It annotates the image with up to 90% accuracy. Upload an apparel image and it will tag it with girl or men. gown or skirt or sleeveless or sweater.

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3) Named Entity Extraction

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Named-entity recognition is a subtask of information extraction that seeks to locate and classify named entity mentioned in unstructured text into pre-defined categories such as person names, organizations, locations, medical codes, time expressions, quantities, monetary values, percentage.

Feature 4: Search Engine & Social Media Sharing Friendly Pages:

Unboxd Live comes with built in basic search engine friendly features & Supports Open Graph Meta Tag in all of its pages fully. Making it Look Good when you share it in any social media. And You can share it in over 200 platforms from with our Shareaholic Integration .

Feature 5: Product Feeds

Anything you publish in Unboxd Live can be read through A rss feed through any feed reader.

Feature 6: Taxonomy & Search: Unboxd Live follow Google Cloud NLP taxonomy (A list of 600 odd categories) & things a list of 700 odd things ) now when you use both of these in combination you get 600*700 almost 40000 off unique combinations in which you can organise your content. Making it the most comprehensive content classification system. Add to it the option to filter your results by sites, tags, user , folder, type of document (blog / knowledge base document/ event/ message etc) and you get the most powerful search engine of the world.

Sign up at to try it out for free. Just upload a PDF or Image and see how it works its magic on it.

Feature 7: User Segmentation & Experience Management

User Segmentation & Experience Management In Unboxd Live

User Segmentation & Experience Management in Unboxd Live

Unboxd Live allows you to segment users based on personal details (name, screen name etc) , organisational details (organisation name, hierarchy), Session details (browser, Referrer URL, Cookie) etc. and allows you to create different versions of the same page for different segments.

In this video we create a new segment for the members of Unboxd TechLabs in Unboxd Live and have created a new version of the site Unboxd TechLabs ( and tested it with different logins. For one logged in user who is a Unboxd TechLabs Member the experience designed specifically for him gets served.. While for the others (non Unboxd TechLabs members) the normal version gets served.

Now put it in context of e commerce.. Can you display highly contextual n relevant products/solutions offers to your customers using it?

A person from Delhi will not get offers from Mumbai OYO hotels with this kind of segmentation, Which currently happen in abundance with Google Ads. Sign up at to publish your offers, coupons, discounts to save money on Google Ads. while helping you provide improved user “EXPERIENCES”

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