How Unboxd Live Optimises Your Web Pages For Search

How To Create & Upload A JSON LD Schema in your Unboxd Live page

This video depicts how you can create & upload JSON LD Schema Codes in Unboxd Live ( We Use the tool ( to create the FAQ schema , Google Structured Data Testing Tool ( to validate the schema & Google Rich Results Tester Tool to ( ) to test the rich results. Then we put that in a ‘Web Content’ in Unboxd Live. And the we test that page for proper structure in again in Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

Read below to understand how Unboxd Live optimises your pages for search.

Google in association with Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex have come up with a structure of information management in your websites which will help the search engines identify what your web page is talking about.

The project is called You can find all the details about the project here .

This project classifies your content in 700 things (We call it the taxonomy of things). You can find all the information about that here ( . event list

If you see the structure carefully, it has a structure for about anything you publish on the web. From creative content like articles to local businesses, places, jobs etc. And generating these structures are easy. There are many tools to generate the structure for important entities. You just need to create the codes (We call is JSON-LD Schema) and put it on your webpages to make it search engine friendly. Now, you can do that only when you have your own website. Because no other company (lets say facebook) will allow you to insert custom html code in their platforms. Not a single platform in the world allows you to insert these kind of codes, except Unboxd Live. Its the only platform in the world which allows you to insert HTML codes anywhere you would like to. Which means you can insert these JSON LD Schemas in your webpages to make it appear properly in Google Search. And when your content is more search engine friendly, they appear appropriately on Google Search and become more discoverable & You need to spend less n less on Ads. You can test how Google Scans a web page here ( Live

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