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How to evaluate a Platform?

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How to evaluate a Platform?

In my opinion, A platform should be evaluated on 3 parameters, 1. What it lets you post (like instagram lets you post pics, Amazon lets you post products, But Facebook lets you post pics, products, videos, products, jobs, events etc etc etc.) So Facebook is a much more useful platform than Amazon… this is criteria 1, A platform which lets you post more types of information is more useful

Point 2: How it organises that information.

Let’s take example of Facebook only. Facebook allows you to post anything, but fails at organising that information properly. There is no segregation between a personal post and work related/business related post.. a random Modi vs Rahul joke and a political satire article with deep meanings and constructive analysis.. This reduces the utility of the platform, People do not take any post seriously here.. Hence Facebook, even with all of its goodness, falls short from fulfilling its true potential

Point 3: How it allows you to integrate that platform with your existing information systems / processes

Remember, a platform , even like Google, If wont allow integration with other systems and processes, will lose all its utility. You got to allow integrations and make it as hasslefree as possible and you need to empower developers to be able to integrate you system with any other system in the world with minimum code and time… Facebook N Google are world’s biggest tech platforms because they empower developers… Integrating with Facebook n Google are the easiest things in the world and any one can do.. I have integrated all my apps with Google n FB, without much coding at all… Hence i champion Google n Facebook… And Amazon does not even share the API, Flipkart’s affliate marketing portal does not even work…. See the d difference? Why Google / Facebook are global platforms while Amazon flipkart struggle to make profits?

Now if you put the point 3 in Indian E Commerce Context , You will know why India E Commerce companies are strugglng – They do not allow integrations- they hoard data… In todays’ world, If you hoard data you are bound to struggle

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