Build Your Own Website With Unboxd Live

Unboxd Live gives you everything to build your website your way with no coding knowledge. Watch the videos to know more about it.

Blogs — Unboxd Live includes a full featured blogging platform built for easy content authoring and sharing. The newest features include friendly URL creation, estimated reading times and inline videos.

Recent Bloggers & Blogs Aggregator — Dynamically display a list of recent bloggers or an aggregation of blog entries across the entire site or by specific organizations.

Knowledge Base — Create a robust knowledge base for onboarding materials, employee training or customer support. Create, review and publish articles with commenting and ratings to gather feedback.

Social Networking — Add social networking features such as an activity wall, friends list, @ mentions, activity tracker and social activity. Easily bookmark URLs in the platform and share them to a group of users.

Wiki — Create wiki sites with versioning capabilities, categories, Creole, HTML, or plain text modes, WYSIWYG editing, drag-and-drop support for page creation, page history and reversion, and permissions.

Forums and Message Boards — Forums leverage threaded views, categories, avatars, drag-and-drop file attachments, category and thread grouping, notification management, previews, dynamic list of recent posts and forum statistics.

Calendar — A community-based calendar with task lists that allows users to create, manage and search for events. Events can be shared across communities and reminders can be set up through email, notifications or SMS.

Alerts and Announcements — Broadcast updates across sites or target announcements to specific roles.

Polls — Allows users and administrators to create multiple choice polls that keep track of votes and display results on the page.

Invitations — Allow users to invite others to join a specified site, with support for notifications.

Forms, Workflow and Business Process Automation

Forms — Create forms for everything from business process automation to replacing complex paper applications. Validate data entered, apply conditional rules, prepopulate fields, authenticate users and more.

Form Rules — Predefined form rules include required fields, autofill selects, show and hide, jump to a page, calculations, conditional success pages, and an API to create and execute new customized rules for your form needs.

Personalization with Form Rules — Create personalized forms with conditional rules, allowing dynamic behavior in forms, and personalize the questions or fields to show/require based on user responses.

Validation — Define validation logic for a specific form field by creating custom messages for form validation errors.

Forms Structure — A drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for business users to structure and design their form fields on a page. Standalone forms can have unique URLs independent of site navigation.

Field Library — Unboxd Live comes with a library of form fields so that users can easily begin building the forms they need.

Fields and Properties — Field types include file upload, numeric, password and grid fields. Save form field sets for easy reuse in creating new forms. New customized field types can be created with a provided API.

Form Entries Management — Users can receive email notification for new form entries and export entries into different formats: CSV, XML and XLS format. Entries have workflow integration provided so they can also go through a workflow process after submission.

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