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User Segmentation & Experience Management In Unboxd Live

Unboxd Live allows you to segment users based on personal details (name, screenname etc) , Orgnaisational Details (organisation name, hierarcy), Session details (Broswer, Referrer URL, Cookie) etc. and allows you to create different versions of the same page for different segments. In this video we create a new segment for the members of Unboxd TechLabs …

Build Your Own Website With Unboxd Live

Unboxd Live gives you everything to build your website your way with no coding knowledge. Watch the videos to know more about it. Blogs — Unboxd Live includes a full featured blogging platform built for easy content authoring and sharing. The newest features include friendly URL creation, estimated reading times and inline videos. Recent Bloggers & …

Introducing Unboxd Digital Experience Ecosystem

Web Analytics, Marketing Automation, Interaction Over Social Media & Your Customer Facing Portals (like customer care, forum , documentation site) these 4 combined provide the experience to the consumers Now, There is not a single company in the entire world which has product catering to all these needs…Google Gives you analytics & ads, No websites or …

Putting Context To Your Content