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Search In Unboxd Live

Search In Unboxd Live

Search is a major highlight in Unboxd Live, Where the system auto tags all the assets with Machine Learning & AI Algorithms And offers full text & file search and presents in multi faceted search view where you can filter by sites (There can be multiple sub-sites within one instance), categories, tags, user, document type, folders, date of upload etc. It offer

Documents & Media

Managing Document & Media In Unboxd Live

You can organize documents using customizable document types and metadata sets and display them with automatic document preview generation. Its companion app, the Media Gallery, displays selected content from the Documents and Media library. It can render image, audio, and video files.

The Calendar In Unboxd Live

The Calendar in Unboxd Live

It’s a personal planner for individual users, a shared calendar for an entire site, or both at the same time. It can be used to create multiple calendars for a single Site or User, to overlay the events stored in multiple calendars for simultaneous view, to send email reminders to users, and more.

Segmentation in Unboxd Live

How You Can Personalise Your Consumer’s Experience With Unboxd Live

These kind of segmentation which is only available in Google / Facebook Ads… Is brought to you by Unboxd TechLabs

Make Every Event An Extravaganza With Unboxd Attendize

Attendize is a ticket selling and event management platform and is everything you need for a successful event. Attendize makes organising events as effortless as possible.

Personalise Your User Experiences

Personalise Your User Experiences With Unboxd Live

“I Visit Flipkart & Amazon both to buy a t-shirt. Flipkart recommends me t shirts of 5 difference colors, Amazon recommends me 5 t shirts of black color, I like black, I buy Amazon. “

Unboxd Live vs Amazon India

Amazon does not optimise your pages for fully for Search & Social Sharing , Unboxd Live does. Amazon does not let you collect payments on your own terms, Unboxd Live does.

How Unboxd Live Optimises Your Web Pages For Search

This video depicts how you can create & upload JSON LD Schema Codes in Unboxd Live ( We Use the tool ( to create the FAQ schema , Google Structured Data Testing Tool ( to validate the schema & Google Rich Results Tester Tool to ( ) to test the rich results. Then we put …

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How Unboxd Live Solves The Product Discovery Problem

Unboxd Live makes your products more visible through its features & the structure of Information Management. Lets cover it one by one. Feature 1: Full Text & File Search : In text retrieval, full-text search refers to techniques for searching a single computer-stored document or a collection in a full-text database. Full-text search is distinguished from searches …

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User Segmentation & Experience Management In Unboxd Live

Unboxd Live allows you to segment users based on personal details (name, screenname etc) , Orgnaisational Details (organisation name, hierarcy), Session details (Broswer, Referrer URL, Cookie) etc. and allows you to create different versions of the same page for different segments. In this video we create a new segment for the members of Unboxd TechLabs …

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